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Organic Farm

Cultivated in our nature tea farms located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau of 1,000 metres above sea level, with plentiful rains and rich soil containing numerous minerals. The tea leaves are immediately refrigerated to best preserve its refreshing aromatic taste and nutrition value plus high anti-oxidizing efficacy. Enjoy this vitality at cup, for a moment in your busy life!

Extremely Fresh Tea Leaves With Delicate Buds

By hand-picking of the very tippy bud, 2 and 3 whole-piece tea leaves, the tea, while renowned for its good quality even with repeated brewing, delivers an exquisitely pure tea base and remarkably crispy aroma, thanks to the nature blessings.

  1. At 1,000m zero-pollution tea farm
  2. Passed HK & European Union testing for pesticide residues
  3. Organic farming
  4. Directly deliver from own tea farms. Variety of retail and catering packs at your service
  5. Advanced Japan-made automatic production line
  6. 2016 International DLG (German Agricultural Society) Gold Award