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Gui Tea has built more than 320,000 square meters of tea production bases in Feng-gang, Jiu'an, Jiangkou and Leishan which located in different tea areas spread over Guizhou Province and has successfully introduced the world's leading fully automated production lines from Kawasaki and Terada. Each production line only requires three people to achieve the full-scale production of tea, attains to 2.5 tons yield of dried tea daily, which highly ensured the mechanization, standardization and large-scale production.

Gui Tea has established a traceability system for the full-range tracing of products quality and obtained the ISO9001, ISO22000 and SC certification. It has strictly controlled the quality of product ranged from planting, fertilizing, insecticiding, pruning, picking to processing. The allowable herbicide is prohibited for use in our tea gardens to ensure the high quality of tea from the origin.

Gui Tea has cooperated with Eurofins and SGS, which are two largest international testing authority, to jointly established a quality control system to control the safety from the source to ensure that both domestic products and foreign trade products can pass more than 460 items of pesticide residues tests and meet EU food safety requirements.

The birth of Emerail plateau tea

  1. All natural pollution-free farms
  2. Highest standard & state-of-the-art technology

1. Soil

High altitude, low latitude with mild sunshine location of tea farms, from where 10 miles without industrial establishment. Organic farming is accredited by testing institutions complied with European Union standards.

2. Fertilizing

It takes 3-4 years to grow the plant before plucking leaves for production. Throughout the whole growing process, organic & eco-friendly fertilizers are applied, weeding & pest control are practiced organically. No chemicals is used to accelerate germination.

3. Weeding

All weeding by hands, 4-5 times per year. No weedicide used.

4. Pest control

Well taking care of tea trees throughout the whole process. Despite higher cost, insist regular hand weeding and application of solar energy pest control and pest trapper for preservation of tea trees and sustainable environment.

5. Fine selection

Fine selection of tippy bud inclusive whole leaves to ensure good nutrition and aroma.

6. Safety

100% of our tea products has met over 460 tests indications by EU.
Successfully passed Eurofins and Hong Kong SGS test in heavy metals and chemical residues.

7. Techniques

Technology well coupled with expert’s traditional tea making techniques like rubbing to release pure fragrance. It’s
known for unique chestnut smell and rich nutritions, long-lasting taste even with repeated brewing.

8. Production setup

Adoption of world leading machinery production renowned for better hygiene, energy efficiency as the top-notch tea enterprise.

9. Quality tracking

Build up quality traceability system, with every single step in the tea
marking process well recorded and traceable.